The Frame of a Future Home

This past fall, Z and I bought our first home (oi that sounds grown-up. Am I really an adult?!). Because we decided to build one, we're still waiting for our possession date to be determined. We do weekly drive-bys but it still hasn't sunk in that this is our house. Our first walk-through was a bit over a week ago and it was exciting to finally see the inside! It was interesting to see the bare skeleton of our house though it mostly felt like we were walking through an open notebook that took a vague shape of a house but filled with random words jotted down.

See what I mean?

I wonder what happened at 4:00 on Wednesday the 25th...

The site super's notes.

The pocket door we asked the builders to replace a regular door with caused some anger and frustration....haha!

These large bunsen burners were drying out and warming up the basement so they could finish it up.

It didn't feel like our home and it has yet to really hit me, but what I'm looking forward to the most is furnishing and decorating it! Any notes to consider or lessons learned from personal experience in furnishing and decorating a new home?


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