Baby Blue Steel (Happy Nine Months, Addie!)

Happy nine months, baby Addie! You've grown like crazy in what seemed like no time at all; from a tiny, wrinkly, sleepy 5 pounds 4 ounces to the silly, loud, food-loving, and (likely) extroverted pre-toddler you are today. In addition to being a natural percussionist and eating most foods like a boss, I've recently discovered another talent to add to her growing list: modelling like a pro! Meet Addie, baby model:

Uh, someone needs to straighten my hat.

Addie is modelling her Brioche Pom-Pom Hat and Wattle Stitch Baby Sweater that I knit & crocheted for her this past year. 

Showing off her two tiny teeth (:

Serious model face.

Time for a side view of my hat. I'll casually place my hand here...I love how she kept placing her chubby little hand up to hold her hat, as if to pose with it!

We've had an eerily mild winter in Edmonton this year and have enjoyed many warm winter sunsets!

I can't stop raving about the brioche stitch! It has a lot of stretch to it because of its intensely ribbed quality so hopefully Addie can wear it for at least one more season (fingers crossed).

Good photoshoot today!

We love you, Adelyn, including your drooling and sharp nails!


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