a (amazing) week in review

This is a little dramatic, but last week was one of the worst weeks of work I've had; worse than when I worked six full days in a row, two weeks in a row & worse than my first week of working after graduating when I felt on edge for fear of missing a mistake. You know when you just have "one-of-those-days"? It was like a recurring theme last week at work & for the first time (that I've ever noticed, anyways), I had visible bags under my eyes! Whaaaaaaat! But as my work week ended on Saturday (with a much more calm shift, yay!), I thought about how I had festered all these negative emotions inside & realized that I had so much to be thankful & grateful for. So I decided to write about the many silver-linings of my week that completely changed my attitude.

I went into the beginning of the week feeling well-rested & well-fed (from our short weekend trip to Vancouver/Chilliwack), especially jolly (from the second Singing Christmas Tree rehearsal on Sunday with Ola), and happily content (from seeing a beautiful sunrise on my way in to work because I'm a sucker for sunrises & sunsets).

After the first of three one-of-those-days days on Tuesday, I was feeling exhausted but it quickly dissipated after a great evening out with Niresha! We had an indulgent dinner at Bar Bricco, which consisted of a glass of Lambrusco & both the meat & cheese tasting platters (:

After dinner, we walked over to McDougall United Church to be serenaded by The Bahamas, aka Afie - which was earfuls of amaaaaaaazing. And just to remind us how down-to-earth he is, he played the drums for the girl who opened for him! Silly Afie (:

The rest of my non-working time was spent crocheting parts of our Halloween costumes among other small DIY projects for other parts because we had a Halloween themed multiple-friend-joint birthday party on Saturday; & any amount of crocheting/crafting/DIY project-ing will help me feel better most of the time. Plus, the regular Thursday night get-togethers with a few gals from church leave me feeling encouraged more often than not.

Thank goodness I had Friday off so I would catch up on sleep lost to over-time I had worked & to get some errands done. I shopped the Oak + Fort & Noul warehouse sales (& how can you ever go wrong with a sale?!) with Lauren & her adorable baby, Connor, who, by the way, somehow looks like a cute & mini old man & spent some time taking in the comforting smell of baby. I read somewhere once that women are actually positively affected by baby smell...& I believe that, after holding the many babies that have been popping out around me in the past few years! 

Zion & I then decided that spending our Friday night at RGE RD would be a great idea...& who am I kidding, you can't go wrong with RGE RD. We indulged (again) & ordered the RGE RD Trip, which is a chef's choice, six-course meal, with the beverage pairing...& I'm salivating just remembering our meal! My favourite was the first course, which was just so simple: fresh, ripe, sweet locally grown tomatoes, drizzled in basil oil, perched perfectly on a few flavourful & savoury croutons, topped with fresh basil & house-made ricotta...& all of that placed on a small salt block for personalizing the amount of salt per bite! It was served with one of the very few wines that both Zion & I enjoy with no complaints: Jaume Serra Cristalino. The following pictures really don't do it justice so if you haven't been, it is a must-eat-at type of restaurant in Edmonton! Have the exclamation marks convinced you yet?! 

Even though the amount of wine I had gave me a headache the next morning, because, yes, I am your typical Asian lightweight, I still went into work happy (: Right after work, we went to our friend's house for a Halloween themed birthday party for the October-babies. Candy + fun company can't really be anything but great (: My favourite costume of the night was our friend JY's: Walter White! Does anyone else get pangs of sadness when thinking about the fact that Breaking Bad is over? 

By this point of the week, I really didn't think that this week could get any better...& then it really did. After church on Sunday, we spent the evening making homemade mandoo/wontons with one of my favourite people (funny sidenote, I call her mandoo! Ha!) & then, of course, eating the mandoo & hanging out with L, J, & Addie (:

Tummy time for Addie (:

The delicious cherry on top of this humungo sundae of joy was receiving a gift from afar via L & J: Beta 5 chocolates! Thanks, D, for sending them & for the heartfelt note (:

Now that I've actually typed the recap of my week out, I'm ashamed of my lack of perspective - God has given me so much that my life is practically brimming with amazing people & simple blessings yet I overlooked it all because of a few bad days at work. Is this how journalling helps keep you sane? I'm glad I decided to review my past week because to be honest, even as I sat down to write this post, I had teeny bits of negativity left behind from certain incidences & circumstances at work but how insignificant & small those look now. As a side note, my weeks aren't always this exciting - some weeks I log a good 30 hours of crocheting while watching back-to-back episodes of Scandal :P Note to self for future difficult days/weeks: zoom out & look at the bigger picture, H! 

If you've made it this far in this post...wowza, I'm impressed you read all that! I hope you have a great week picking out the positives in your life (:


  1. Thanks for the uplifting and colourful post Hannah:D I feel as though I was salivating most of the time spent reading it lol.
    But I empathize with you..work can have it's days where you just feel like pulling out your hair and going into a corner and crying..haha..so sad..but kinda true :( It's easy to feel impossibly overwhelmed by the awfulness of that week at work, that we can easily neglect the many blessings that could trump it all. I don't think I need to tell you I've been guilty of that numerous times:S
    But it's interesting how throughout the course of a seemingly terrible week, it turned out you had so many blessed moments spackled throughout it. In retrospect, it turned out to be a pretty stellar week! I wonder, could you imagine how differently life could be experienced and LIVED if we started seeing ALL of our circumstances through the lenses by which God sees through?:)) To remove ourselves from our own personal, nearsighted problems - and become determinedly perceptive to a much larger, broader picture outside of our own. And suddenly, all of our own sufferings seem to pale in comparison to the greater mission and joy at hand in a calling that we know ends in victory. Praise God for granting us silver linings in all our trials and suffering!
    Thanks for the encouraging post and update- it really resonated with me..:)
    Looking forward to reading future posts:))))

  2. A part of my heart is always in Edmonton. Thinking of you, Hannaw, and of the sunsets/sunrises and holy-cow!-does-that-crumble/bread pudding-ever-look amazeballs...

    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Sisil. Can't wait for you to come back for Christmas! We'll have to go eat the best desserts that Edmonton has to offer when you do while catching up (:


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